Entry for the 2021 Hansa Class World and International Championships will open in 2021. Entries will be open for the following divisions:
  • Hansa 2.3 Single Person.
  • Hansa 303 Single Person.
  • Hansa 303 Two Person.
  • Liberty/ Liberty Servo.
Competitors may enter more than 1 division (ie. 303 singles and doubles) upon payment of appropriate fees. Please note: The Race Committee will make every attempt to schedule single person races at different times to two person races, to allow competitors to compete in more than one class. However, the race committee may change this scheduling in the event of adverse weather conditions. For the Para World Sailing Championships, athletes must comply with the terms of the current Para-Classification Rules for World Sailing. For the Hansa 303 Male & Female competition – Minimum Disability. For the Liberty Competition – Classification 1 or 2. Para Classification Rules for World Sailing: –
  • Sailors shall have a valid International Classification according to the Para-classification Rules for World Sailing.
  • Protests regarding classification may be filed with the on-site classifier not later than “first appearance”.
  • Competitors in the Hansa 303 Single Person and Liberty divisions who wish to be ranked under Para World Sailing (PWS) rules must present evidence of PWS Classification. A classifying doctor will be present during registration.
For all classes, the minimum number of entries required for a division to be valid is six (6) boats. For servo classes, the minimum number of entries required for a division to be valid is four (4) boats.


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