Welcome Message

Message from President Mattarella for the sailing World Cup of the Paralympic class Hansa 303
′′ It is with great pleasure that I send a warm greeting to the crews participating in the Hansa 303 World Championship which takes place in Palermo these days. Over 180 athletes from 25 countries with 118 boats competing – it’s truly an amazing success for a sport that shows how barriers can be overcome.
Sport is everyone’s right, and we need commitment from the institutions so that its exercise can overcome any physical and environmental obstacles. On the extraordinary positive example of Paralympic champions, I can only hope that sport will become more and more an instrument of inclusion, social participation and personal affirmation.
I would like to appreciate all those who made this event possible starting with the section of the Naval League of Palermo which, in the event of its 120th birthday, hosts this beautiful event.
Have a nice wind everyone “.

Klick Experience

Dear Guests of the Hansa World Cup 2021,

During the event we would like to offer you, together with our sponsor Klaxon Mobility (www.klaxon-klick.com) and the non-profit association “Lo Spirito di Stella” (www.lospiritodistella.it), a free cultural tour in total accessibility on board of the Klaxon Klick Monster, electric-powered handbikes, mounted on Motion Composites wheelchairs.

During each visit, called “Klick Experience“, Klaxon will provide three Klick Monster devices which, thanks to their power and versatility, will comfortably accompany you on the urban routes and during the 2-hour visit.

The Experiences will take place on 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th October and will involve 6 guests in total: 3 persons with disabilites on board of the Klicks and 3 other interested people (e.g.: companions, friends, other guests or family members). Together with a group of young guides from the local Institutes of Higher Education it will be possible to visit and discover the history of the wonderful monuments of Palermo such as the Cathedral, Piazza Indipendenza, Porta Nuova and more. The excursions will be offered in English.

The meeting point will be in the Village of the Hansa Class World Championships precisely at Klaxon’s stand that is located near the piers.

Available times: • Klick Experience – Morning:

Arrival at the meeting point – 09:30 Departure – about 10:00 Return – about 11:30    • Klick Experience – Afternoon (except Saturday 9): Arrival at the meeting point – 15:00 Departure – about 15:30 Return – about 11:30

It is possible to book the visits by writing to experience@klaxon-klick.com (subject to availability) specifying the first and last names of the participants and of all the accompanying persons, which of them will use the Klick made available and which will not, the date and time chosen. In case of fully booked date and time, alternatives will be provided.

We invite you again to take advantage of this wonderful initiative!

Best regards,

Hansa World Championship’s Team

Here below a Map including some of the places that could be visited during the tour:


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